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And then suddenly....
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Thumb Issue 0 Updated

A few of you had an issue with pages loading in our first issue. We looked into the problem and think we found it. In short (and we can't believe we missed this), we were using an image format that was affecting performance. We changed that and you can update your downloaded issue through the following quick steps. I will walk you through it.

Step 1:
Open the Newsstand app so you are at the following screen. Once you are there, choose "Archive" from your choices. This will remove the current issue from your system.

Step 2:
Newsstand will give you an alert that the issue is about to be removed from your iPad. Confirm this by choosing "Archive" from the alert. Refer to the image below.

Step 3:
Next to the Thumbnail of the issue cover, you can now choose "Download". This will download the new, updated copy of the magazine.

This will give you a new copy of the magazine with the updated image formats. And this should resolve the issue a few of you experienced. Please post here and let us know whether this helped at all. Unfortunately, we have not been able to exactly replicate the problem experienced here. So we are not positive that this is the issue. But, from our research, we are fairly confident that this fix will help. Thanks all!!!
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