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Wow, a lot of activity in a hurry. Nice!

-Yep, Kawi has an 800 available. Furthermore, they have the ability to make it, if they wish.
-The Z800 is waaaaay heavy.
-More low-mid power is my specialty. I'd like it from a bigger bore engine than a 650 (Though I love my Versys. My other bikes have it done very nicely but they're heavy. I don't like heavy. Heavy is my new enemy. Lighter is better.).
-I don't do ABS if I can help it. If I can't help it, I may concede for a particular bike but that hasn't happened, yet. Great idea and safer, I have no doubt. Just not my 'druthers, as of yet.
-The price of the bike is not a big deal to me. I go through way too many of them and I love these things. If I can find what I want that doesn't require me (Or make me want to) have so many bikes at once, I'd still come out way ahead.
-You have to be really careful when you start telling other people what they should/shouldn't do or think. It's a slippery slope...

All good fun, gentlemen. I love to play. Bring on the high end Versys 800, done right. By my definition, of course.
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