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Originally Posted by Gumbeaux View Post
Getting set to order this plus Connector plus the Fuse Block...just want to make sure I understand something...

If using the Twisted Throttle Fuse Block with this connector, do I wire that fuse block to the pos/neg battery terminals and then the "switched source" wire goes to this CAN BUS connector? This basically just gives me the safe switched source, right?

I guess if I have to ask I probably should not do this myself, but I cannot continue on so helplessly. Gotta learn somehow. I am sure I can get the magic smoke back in the wires if some of it gets out during this process.

The game plan: a lighter, stronger lithium battery plus a fuse block for the GPS, heated vest, and LED aux lights. Right now I just have the GPS wired to the battery and the heated vest plugged in the BMW outlet. Would like to clean this up a little.

Now where in the heck will all these wires, blocks, and switched hide themselves.....?
If you are buying a fuze block, don't use the light canbus connector, but use the GPS connector as a switched trigger for the fuze block. The other thread has the cable in question. No need to drill your light housing this way
Yes, the power for the fuze block comes directly from the battery, and the trigger comes from the +12V wire off the GPS connector - there is only one that carries a +12V signal -IIRC it's the one labeled #3 but please check.
It's really easy to hook up nothing to it.
My Fuze Block *just* fits in the space under the battery ("tank") cover if you take the backing plate off and replace it with velcro.
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