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Hope I havn't killed this thread - seems I have been the final post on quite a few. I have a few questions after going thru this thread.

Geek - I am wanting to do the same as you to get this bike minimumly street legal and not add a bunch of weight - don't think I will add turn signals, but will need horn, mirror, brake and license plate light etc.


Would like to use stock tail light and understand that it has built in brake light? What do you use for a license plate holder?

Looking at the front master cylinder looks like I can mount a micro switch for a brake light switch - I am assuming that is what KTM uses, should I order up a stock KTM part and is the stocker waterproof or is it just a standard old micro switch that I can pick up locally? I see hydraulic switches are available but I have had failures over the years and think I would prefer mechanical.

I want to install a key switch and would like some feedback if anyone uses the HDB setup - guess I am also kicking around the EXC stocker. Also where can I find a schematic for this bike - don't see one in the service manual.

How do you like the Eline skid plate - think that is what I have on my CRF and I have liked it.

Finally you have a picture of a Waterproof fuse holder - where to get those - searched Ebay and only found rubber boot units.

Thanks in advance.
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