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The GT? It's a great tourer for the MSRP, and at the discounts they are giving away it's a steal. I got mine at a hefty discount. With whats on the market right now I would still go with the GT, even at full MSRP. This new Tiger would be the only bike to change that, but they are really similar bikes, the Tiger Sport wins on adjustable suspension and the trip computer functions look better. Take the bags off and the GT is just a large comfortable sportbike. Put the bags and optional top case on and you can live on the thing. I've always went with the 4 cylinder side of the 2 vs 4 debate, but now that I have a three cylinder it's the best of both. Great wide power curve, but with the RPM's to back it up. 1/4 mile in 10.88, 0-60 in 3.19, and I get over 50 MPG on trips, and mid forties in my commute. And servicing looks super easy. I haven't done anything to it except lifting the gas tank, but once you lift the tank out of the way the top of the engine is right there.
Here's a great write-up on it-
Thanks for that reply. Yes I had read the MCN review and it is very solid. Amazing that it was such a bomb here in the US. I guess the "upright adventure" thing kind of killed the sport/tourer. I get it.. I have a Multistrada and while not the prettiest bike it just rocks in every way. That said.. I have always wanted a more sport position while I am young enough to ride that way and the Sprint GT seems like a great middle ground between a Ninja type and a big BMW K1600 GT. I figured I'll steal a leftover now.. ride it for a year or two and then trade up to a Trophy when I want to do more super long distance riding and I tire of the lean over position. The only real beef I have with the GT is it is a more forward lean than the Concourse or the FJR..
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