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Well, what to do? This was supposed to be a ride report but I'm having trouble getting it off the ground. My new Honda CGL125 is here, but the license plate and marchamo are not. Seems the Registro (MVD equivalent) had an extra week of vacation over Christmas break and all the burocratic machinations that normally get done got backed up. One can ask for a provisional licence plate, but the place I bought the bike from ran out of those too. Long story short, the licence was supposed to be here when I arrived the 26th of Jan, wasn't, then last Thursday, wasn't, then it's supposed to be here this Friday...will it be? I have friends of family that work in Registro, and they promise it's coming soon, that they can't do anything at this point. So I've put 15 kilometers on the bike riding it around the block every few days. So my "Seis semanas en PZ" report will have to change to 4 weeks...or 3....or.....?

Meanwhile, I'll start with things and the licence plate arrives, great, if not...might just have to pull the plug....speaking of which...

If you've traveled in latin america, you've seen them...maybe even reluctant to take a shower. I've always been curious about what they looked like on the inside, and when my sis in law asked me to help her last night, I couldn't resist. Plus it gave me the chance to use the tools that I brought along for the bike.

This is the shower head with the bottom cover already removed.

This is what goes bad from time to time and must be replaced. It's called "la resistencia" here in CR and costs 1000 Colones, or about $2. It's a plug and play (or shower) type of thing. Pull off old resistencia and insert new. Of course don't forget to shut off breaker, which my cuñada didn't forget to to, gracias a Dios.

Here's a shot of the old one, wrapped around the some pegs that hold it in place and attached to the metal conducting pins. Just pull it off and insert the new one.

Then you have to run a heating cable through the body of the shower head and it heats up the water as it fills; when enough water fills it builds up pressure and out comes hot water!

Flip the breaker switch on, listen for the "shooosh" sound that indicates water is being heated, check the head for any water pouring out the side (shower head base not screwed on right) and, voila...agua caliente.

Old resistencia after removal:

I lived in CR for two years between 88-90 as a student. We had a switch on the wall that controlled the off/on for the hot water. Shocked me at least once a week, but was a "kind-hearted" sort of shock. It was cool to finally get to see how they work.

Pics of the new bike at home coming. RR begins this weekend?

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