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The trouble with Borderland Beat is that they are usually way far behind the curve on things.
That story about the vigilante justice being meted out in the hills in Guerrero state was news about a week ago.

Now, let's see how they cover the story about what happened in Acapulco to the dozen Spanish tourists who were renting a place.

Now, that is a story that is going to move internationally and directly impact travel.
6 women raped at gunpoint on Monday, there were 14 people involved, the 6 victims and 7 men who were in the Spanish group and one Mexican woman who wasn't abused.
Bound with cel phone charger cords and robbed, as well.

The doofus that is the mayor of Acapulco explained that this sort of thing can happen anywhere. Yes, it can, but that sort of useless attitude has done nothing but add to problems in Guerrero to the point where people take the law into their own hands and the justice system, too. The Mexican justice system is undergoing a slow change towards oral trials rather than the written procedures for certain cases. It is also coming increasingly under the microscope because of the massive salaries and benefits and retirement packages along with the usual corruption.

What is strange about Acapulco is how they have avoided using the military for the police, like here in Veracruz. There was a big deal made about how both Veracruz and Guerrero were joining as partners in making the cities safer.
Hasn't worked out as planned.

This is an interesting situation because it appears to be non-narco related and more organized crime related, there is a difference to a degree. One of the biggest issues facing Mexico is how Pena Nieto is controlling the release of information related to crime and stifling it. This is a very clear danger to everyone because information doesn't get out or is purposely clouded to avoid political embarrassment and appearing weak. That has long been the rule here in Veracruz with the state controlling almost all media spare for a few radio and about 2 print outlets (Notiver and El Buen Tono being the exceptions and the Grupo Pasos radio stations, too).

Now, in my opinion, this is where the IMS thread really shines. You can get information pretty much in real time that is useful for routing and for addressing problems. Sure, you can still go to Acapulco and enjoy it, but the lack of tourism there has had a direct effect on the clubs and nightlife and there are a lot of unemployed service industry people wandering around these days. The latest event won't help things. That is a real shame because Acapulco had really begun to clean itself up after the big pollution problems in the bay and the damage from hurricane Paulina back in the mid-90's. It was really going well for more than a decade.

Guerrero could easily become a lightening rod for security in Mexico and I will bet that a half a dozen very innocent and unlucky individuals will be paraded as the perpetrators and frog marched in front of the cameras of Televisa in no time flat. Smells like another "gas build up" is going to be happening here.

Is Mexico safe? Yes. Is Acapulco safe? That's the question. A lot of international media outlets are going to start screaming about "Mexican violence" and not "Acapulco violence". That is where they get it wrong all the time.

I'll just avoid Acapulco like I did the area around San Raphael and Martinez de la Torre a few months back when things were getting a little too violent up there. This thread deserves its "sticky" because, in spite of the banter, you can still find solid information that is up to the minute and given to you straight up, and as far as Mexico goes, that is not that easy to find. To quote Bob Hesketh, "That's the way I see it, anyways".
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