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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
This is a known issue IF the tracks are low resolution. If there are no track points on the screen (or in fact slightly off the screen) then the track does not display. I'd have to have VERY specific details to see if I can reproduce this. Link up the map on the website you are having issues with and some screen shots of where the track should be but isn't and I will see if I can reproduce it. If it is the issue I described above, that is actually a FEATURE. I did this because I was able to squeeze a significant performance boost out of this "upgrade". If it's something else I will be able to see what it is though.

I'm sure other maps display at >14 zooms levels though. Right?
Thanks, yes, all other tracks are fine. (I may have seen this a few times before, but for the most part I have many useful tracks and I really think this is the best way to go for offroad gps!) Sorry, but I have to go to PM to share more. Thanks for your time!
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