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Dropped the bike off this morning with Honda Hollywood..managed to borrow a friends car so i wouldn't be stuck for the next couple of weeks while they are taking it apart and performing surgery and waiting on parts from Germany..meanwhile an hour had passed since i dropped the bike off...and it was fixed!!!!! All covered by warranty..turns out Lior was right..because the bike had spent so much time sitting (the last owner barely got through a quarter of its first tank) the gas had gone bad in one of the pipes..when starting the bike..first battery lights..its starts up clean and looking like it should have....I was so thrilled to get it back and to feel like the unknown issue had been resolved such a relief..thanks for everyones input..
Remember when you put a battery on after being disconnected or dead, you need to turn the key, turn the throttle from idle to full slowly THREE times for the computer to reset the throttle position input...then start the engine.
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