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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
Pure cardio. predictable heart rate targets, sustained hills, etc. Mtb's are great for that and form, and getting on two wheels, but the road bikes are like standard metrics.

To my mind, anyway, you can create a very specific training regimen using a road bike. You can specify a cadence, and a gearing, and time frames to maintian each, whereas MTBing is fairly haphazrd, and that means you can miss opportunities to do better. Not that its not good and fun, mind you- its just harder to use as a professional training regimen, and I bet these guys do nothing haphazardly. They probably spend at least 50% of their lives actively in training.

I'm a cyril fan boi, and i actually did that video. Its more like a warmup than an actual workout. The Spatacus/tabata stuff is wicked harder.
oh ok...I guess it's easier to hit the training zone and maintain it on a road bike.

I have a MTB loop a few miles from my house which I train on a few times a week. It takes 20 minutes to complete one loop, and I do that 5 times unitll my quads are burning even on the fast downhill section. I have very limited access to dirt bike riding so the MTB is the only was to train on 2 wheels for me. I wear the Polar RS400 to keep track of my zone, and I pretty sure it helps with my stamina on a dirt bike. Now if only I can match my riding skill to my stamina....but that's atleast another 10,000 hours away.
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