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So you were going 66 when you hit.You said you saw it 100 feet away.If you had just turned the throttle off with no brakes applied you were going at least 75. If you did hit the brakes at all to get down to 66 you were doing at least 80. Why so fast on a back road? Why looking down at 80 plus anywhere but especially in Baja? These roads are beautiful but a lapse of attention for a moment can be deadly.Glad you survived this round.

Active log on Garmin Nuvi GPS shows 66mph for the last couple of miles. We had a plan to get to the next motel in Guerro Negro by 4.30pm (before dark) and decided to run out a tank of gas (205 miles to the Pemex) without stopping and doing 70mph but no more. Some places we did much less as it is a curvy mountain road until you get closer to GN. I didn't shut off the gas, I didn't touch my brakes, I didn't sit up and create wind resistance. I saw a cow and hit it, no reaction time with the speed and distance involved. GPS actually is delayed a tad, so the speed would be pretty darn accurate. That whole day we did less than 300 miles from a late departure (stopping for breakfast at Mama hour?) then riding 204 miles non stop to crash site. So you do the math 204 miles in about four hours or maybe five hours...non a pretty low average speed. There are times when you want to do a HUNDRED.......there are times when you can only do fifteen. We never went over 70mph all day as per GPS log. I have the log still on my computer. I'll try and post it. Also shows elevation at time opf crash and elevation of resting bike (fifty feet lower!) Bike went in the ditch I stayed on the blacktop.
The 100 feet is approx, could be more or less. Do you know how long it takes to travel 100 feet at 66mph? Do the math. Your reaction time is non existent, it's not there, gone.
It's not a back road, it's the main road, in places it's the only road. It's pretty well paved and constructed and maintained. Have you been there? It's just marvelous. Some of the best riding in the Whole World.
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