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Originally Posted by presto88 View Post
Damn you, Tyler, for posting those pics! I've been stuck in the midwest since September, with my bike sitting in a storage locker in San Mateo! God I miss those roads! Now I can't even lie to myself and say that I'm sure it's been raining so hard that all the good roads are closed by mudslides...

Damn you, damn you, damn you!
Guess you need to find a reason to come back out and visit your bike! ;)

Originally Posted by eakins View Post
we love cali! we mapped the whole state & it rocks.
I’ve done many of the roads around here multiple times but I’m always amazed at how there can always be one more gem to be found in them thar hills!

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
Yeah yeah, sunshine, beaches, surfing, flowers in January, purty trees sans leaves, ho hum. I, on the other hand, have lovely stuff like this to play in, seen on New Years Eve on a section of the Appalachian Trail near our home
Snowy vistas are beautiful in their own right as well… I’m just a cold weather wimp so usually appreciate it from afar! Lol

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
I lived for many years in Wyoming
Whereabouts in WY? A good friend of mine has a 2nd home in Powell… I love the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone… not something you find often in the big city… just real friendly folks.

I’m tentatively bookmarking 2014 for a 6-week US tour… so I may have to hit you up for some suggestions out your way to ride!

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
These folks had another option for riding when the weather wasn't so good. They were two older couples who said they'd given up two wheels but not their love of riding.
Good for them… that is hardcore! As stated previously, adaptation is good thing to be able to still do what you love to do!

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
She was fascinated by the Urals but I don't think she's ever considered a Can Am. They look pretty cool and probably wouldn't be hard for her to learn since she wouldn't have to unlearn any two-wheeled habits.

It's 16 degrees outside today so I can really appreciate your gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing, I hope you can get out and go ride a few miles on behalf of your snowbound fellow riders!

The Urals are definitely a challenge to ride and balance around turns… coming from 2-wheels the Spyder takes some time to get used to but it’s just a different kind of fun once you get tuned into it… railing around those big open sweepers is a blast! Dealers are usually pretty good about letting folks take test rides (at least out here) so see if there is a local dealer that might do that for her. Happy to answer any questions you or she may have. J

[QUOTE=Tgpatrsn;20642755]From my ride today. Gotta love CA!!!

Love the Marin headlands… will be riding that way in April toward Manchester for a weekend ride!
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