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Where we we ?

Ah yea, trailside ear unplugging.
After taking a small break and solving the worlds problems, we saddle up and press on.
Wenatchee was our target for tonight.

And for the 1st time Washington Sates magnificent volcanic mountain come into veiw.

And this is what it was like fellas. Just a ribbon of dirt that threaded through in the shadow of the Cascades.

Now, as the afternoon wore on Mr. ISDE was well ahead of us.
Not that it mattered, we love the indepence of an untethered ride.
However, when we popped out in Wenatchee, Brucee was nowhere to be found. But knowing the gentle giant like I do I put my GPS to work looking for his weakness.

And we found him
Eating an ice cream cone

After an orange vanilla twist, large of course, we check in at the local Holiday Inn.
And unpack

And then do what we do best


After we unwind and rewind the day in our minds, minds that are slowing letting go of the clock, the schedules, honey do lists, basicy letting NJ drain away,
we go for Mexican!

Here's the old man telling us how "back in 32' I won the ECEA grand championship on a bicycle with a lawn mower engine bungie corded into it"

After a few Coronas, a fitfull sleep set us up for what day 4 would bring our way.

Day 4, Snow capped mountains, the unrelenting rock gardens of Bethyl Ridge and we answer the question "will they camp" ?
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