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Originally Posted by LandLeftBehind View Post
I had read that a light, soft grease was to be used on the throwout parts. Why use a heavier grease with moving parts?

Awesome pics by the way, now I have a better idea what all that hullaballo about the spacer and whatnot is about (:
Probably any grease is good, nothing wrong with the "light, soft grease"; the heavy grease is applied in such a thin coat that it has little effect on the moving parts; plus, the heavy grease sticks the parts together as you place them back into the trans. As Chollo said in another thread, most mechanical problems can be solved by CLEANING and LUBING. I agree with disston - it is not hard to take the transmission out, just TIME CONSUMING. You can get at that neutral switch, and inspect, clean, and lube everything more easily. Then, it is a time consuming but easy chore to put it all back together. We can talk you through the steps.
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