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part one of part 2(:

So with the help of a wonderful ADV rider inmate I am now able to post my pictures on here of course some kind of story must come along with them! So now I present to you Part one of Part two of my first legit motorcycle trip!

So after riding across the treacherous plains which I'll admit at some moments were really gorgeous minus the whipping wind and anti abortion signs I made my entrance into New Mexico. I have to admit that I was pretty surprised. I wasn't really expecting the vast amounts of tree's and grass in the mountains of New Mexico. It was pretty though let me tell yah. I think one of the more humorous parts of New Mexico was when we met up with a group of older people on some pretty righteous bikes. They were hilarious and shocked that we decided to ride all the way out there from Wisconsin. I remember thinking you have no idea. We shared some laughs and chatted about our lives like all adults do and headed onward towards Santa Fe. I took in my sights and practiced my photography skills. This particular photo is kinda like a family portrait the only person missing is my brother. I'm in the mirror, you can see the side of my dad's helmet, and my mom is on the killer bee in front of us.

This was the first day of our New Mexico exploration. We entered Paco's and learned some pretty interesting facts and saw some pretty adorable geckos. So after exploring the deserted Paco city we headed up into the mountains. Now this is where I really started to get picture crazy.

This one above is one of my favorites from New Mexico. I may sound arrogant but I give myself a lot of credit for my photography its hard taking good pictures at speeds over 70!

So now veering slightly off topic I'd like to share with you the most AMAZING burger joint in New Mexico. The Bobcat Bite. I swear to good lord that they have the biggest burgers and the best burgers in the state!! Man even just thinking about them is making my mouth just water!! Also some good food in or around Santa Fe is the mexican food stands! I have a pretty good story with this. So I was put on picture duty for the trip so I decided to take some pictures of the city block park thing we were at and me being so easily distracted tried to take a picture of this sweet yellow Kawi that was going past us and I ended up taking a picture of my mom feeding my dad.... I promised them I wouldnt put it on here so i am keeping my promise and posting my other FAIL pictures. So this first one isn't a fail picture it's a picture of the burger I had at The Bobcat Bite.

this one i just dont even know what to think of it. Hah! ^^
and this one just makes me laugh! it looks like my dad is holding up the bridge!!!! by the way look for the baby in the blue shirt under the bridge!!!!!

SO that is it for part one of part two of my motorcycle adventure!!! Stay tuned for my departure of New Mexico and entrance of Colorado!!
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