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950/990 ADV's have a suspension issue that is best solved by a suspension tuner. The forks are horribly soft as delivered...and the shock is quite firm, giving the bike unbalanced suspension. The ideal solution is to get the forks revalved and resprung for the weight of the motorcycle and load.

I found my stock ADV to act like this: Accelerate and the forks top out, roll off the throttle, and the front end dives. Add a whole bunch of damping (Sport settings) and the see-sawing can be reduced, but it become clank-clank accross the bumps due being way over damped for bumps. It rode so low in the stroke that the front end sagged more tehn 50% of the available travel when I sat on the bike. (I'm 200lbs) I had Riders Edge Suspension do my forks, and it completely transformed the bike. They installed 20% stiffer springs, and valving to suit.

The shock can be made better as well, depending upon the riding you do, but it is stiff enough to not create big issues in stock form.
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