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A Man & His Duck Explore South America

Originally Posted by porkandcorn View Post
i have chosen a rubber duck as my traveling companion. we have traveled together before. i used to take him everywhere. i stopped doing this for some reason that i don't know. maybe this is what i am here in south america to find out. i feel better now that he and i are traveling, and exploring the world together again. don't laugh at the duck - he has been a valuable asset in many parts of the world. something about him bridges the gap between cultures, lowers people's guard. i think he is a symbol of innocence, of youth, and of wonder. everyone loves a rubber duck.

we only live once. a man and his duck must make the most of it.
I broke into a sly grin when I saw the title. WTH!

Duck short for Ducati? Dude nicknamed Duck? No, NOT a rubber duck!

Now, I don't think there is really anything wrong with a man traveling SA with his but I am worried about the tiger and the I just don't want to see any unnecessary or untoward social behavior.

Safe travels for the three of ya's...
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