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Yup. Held all the way. As far as I'm concerned they make the finest gloves available. Any and all of their GTX models will do the job better than pretty much anything out there. I personally use their new Air N Dry, dual chamber gloves ( for day-to-day duty in all but the sweatiest / chilliest of climates or gnarliest of rides and love them to death. Very trick, but not cheap, but quality never is.

You can go more 'winter 3-season' (e.g. the Warm N Dry which I used in colder climates i.e. England, where I was, vs New Orleans, where I am now, and had no issues throughout one of the worst winters on record), or 'summer 3-season' in their range. But regardless - having worked with the Held family and visited their HQ in Bavaria, I have absolutely no reservations in recommending their wares.

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