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Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post
I did ask, and the mods (female and male) did not see any value in a female subforum, and they think it would just attract trolls (that's the just of the pm I got about it).

That's why I started the fb group - it's for women only.. aka "troll" free
Trolls on ADV? GTFO
I joined it, thanks!

Originally Posted by LadyDraco View Post
The only way I can see a sub forum..
With out trolls is in the basement...
YOU have to log in to get to the basement

Now there is another place .. Is Molly's forum.. We have a motoforum there as well...
You fill out the free sigh up .. NO one from the outside can see anything..
Unless you log in.. Very safe place...

And Molly who goes by TuffStuff here
I'll take a look for that forum - thanks for the suggestion.
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