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Originally Posted by DiasDePlaya View Post
This is not an issue, is intentional. All who had the opportunity to ride the Marc Coma or Ciryl Depres bikes commented that those bikes rear suspension are incredible hard and the front suspension is relatively very soft, and looking their race results is clear that they know how to tune suspensions.
I respectfully disagree.

The parts on those bikes are not very close to being the same as what is shipped on a production ADV, beyond the fact that they move up and down.

Springs carry the load, valving controls the movement. From a valving perspective, they may run a softly setup front end, but they would not run fork springs that cannot carry the weight of the machine and rider.

The 950/990 come with 0.48 kg/mm springs, which are far too soft to effectively support the weight of the machine and rider without excessive sag. 0.48kg/mm are what KTM supplies on a 450 sx-f. A bike which weighs over 200lbs less than a 990. Most tuners agree that spring rates in the range of 0.58 kg/mm to 0.64kg/mm are what the ADV needs for average use. Bikes used more exclusively off-road can require up to 0.70 kg/mm springs.
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