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Originally Posted by Turkeycreek View Post
Right on target again MikeMike.

It may be wishful thinking but I'm seeing a bit more interest in Mexico travel from both riders and non-riders. Many people are starting to think for themselves again.

Three of us recently spent two weeks riding from Laredo, to Mexico City, Vera Cruz, Villahermosa (you can keep that town), Palenque, over the hills to the Pacific Coast and then back to Mexico City. It was one of the most incredible rides I've ever done, right up there with the ride to Prudhoe Bay.

Mexico is so unsafe that one of our riders spent an extra week or two at the beach (San Angustinillo)

Not one problem, but i do agree on them damned topes!!

Bottom line is that we will be spreading the word far and wide about how great it is in Mexico, especially on a motorcycle.
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