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A word about grease(s).

The splines are to be lubed with a high pressure grease. This technical term is a reference to the pressure the splines see. When the clutch is accelerated with the input shaft of the transmission the splines are carrying all the horse power and torque the Airhead engine can produce. Molybdenum is the preferred type of high pressure grease these days, in most applications, I think. The Molybdenum handles the high pressure very well. But eventually it gets washed away or wears away and so it is mixed with a heavy grease to help it stay in place. Over the years there have been many different greases tried for this particular application. None of them have been perfect. Stick around and I'll bet in a couple more years we'll be trying another product, again. Happens every couple of years. But it seems that the Honda Moly 60 lube is the grease of choice for this application currently and so I recommend using this product also.

The grease used for the assembly of the throw out pieces in the transmission is normally Wheel Bearing Grease. This is being used as an assembly lube. It will be washed away by the gear oil once the transmission is in service. The throw out pieces are lubed by the gear oil in the trans. This grease is only for start up.
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