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Originally Posted by mung View Post
My point on the main road comment is that for a main road it is a mediocre road at best and very dangerous the vast majority of the time.Have I been there ? Seattle to Cabo every year for 2-3 months in the winter starting in 1974 through 84. Many dirt bike trips and now usually go 2 or 3 times a year.Not bragging. I am very lucky that I am able to travel as much as I do.My experience [as minimal as it is] has taught me that people that talk about time,speed or distance relative to Baja usually end up with problems. Baja is a place to relax,drive way slower than you normally would,and just enjoy at a slower pace than normal. Cheers to Baja !
It's a very good road mostly and very safe the vast majority of the time.

I talked about time speed, distance to tell the complete story, nothing hidden.

We RODE, not drove 650 miles of black top from home to the accident scene in three days, that's pretty relaxed on a high speed motorcycle like the 1150GS.

We enjoyed it tremendously, at a much slower pace than normal (USA?).

We go a lot. We live 120 miles from Tijuana. We are going tommorow in fact. Our dentist is in Mexicali.

You got me all wrong man. You don't know me.

Thanks for telling me off. At 63 years young and fifty years of riding then having a huge biff that's just what I need, a preacher.

At 30mph the outcome could have been worse, who knows, I could be smashed instead of a flying rag doll.

It's a dumb animal, it had a drink, turned around, staggered out of it's watering hole and stopped in the road for a piss....cost that little lass her life....sooner or later she was destined for the pot anyway....I hate cows.
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