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Baja Round 2 - 990 Two Up!

We just recently got home from our 17 Day adventure. It is a major pain to do a ride report while riding. Kudos to those of you who can do it while on the fly.
Me and my wife Patty did our first Baja ride 2 up, one year ago. After we successfully came back with our heads still attached and without ransom notes, our family was convinced it was safe (well, safer anyway), lol. I decided I would love to do a ride with my dad (58) and my son (22). I invited my dad. Next thing I know, my stepmom (60) was coming and several others were invited. My son, due to school and work would not be able to come. Since everyone else was coming, Patty decided she might as well come along for the ride.
So our group ended up consisting of me, Patty, my dad (John), my stepmom (Jacque) and my dad’s high school buddy Dave.
We made our plans, (which proved to be difficult in a group of 5) and headed out.
Day 1 - January 12, 2013
We left Layton, Utah at 6am in the middle of a snow nightmare, winter storm warning and 19” of snow in the front yard and single digit temps! Our course, neither the KTM nor myself was up for a ride in this shit so she was strapped to the trailer and towed to Yuma, AZ. We jumped on I-15 and had snow covered roads for almost 300 miles!

6am departure from Layton, UT!

The snow never stops.....

At the rest stop I wonder? In -2 degree temps, 70mph wind chill, would either of the bikes even start?

We stopped in St. George, where there was finally sunshine and above freezing temps, about 40, lol but we were happy.

The first dry roads and sunshine as we come into St. George, UT

We are officially the only popcicle around.

The poor SUV, KTM and spare DR650 looked like they just got time warped from the artic tundra. After a quick bit to eat we came out to find the SUV sitting in a lake of it’s own melting ice. We decided to run to the car wash to get all the salt and sand off, then we grabbed fuel and were on the road again.

We arrived in Yuma just in time for late dinner with the family. John and Jacque had arrived a few days earlier and had driven their motorhome from New Mexico. Dave had flown into Yuma from Michigan the night before. Jacque’s parents (my grandparents) were graciously allowing all of us to stay with them.
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