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30 years away from home is enough

I am moving back home to Spokane in the next two months and bringing my tools and airhead menagerie with me including my own '77 R75/7 so you will have a bike to compare yours to.

I also have an '81 g/s in pieces, a '75 R90/6, a '56 R50, and an '82 R100RT just to keep me occupied. There's apparently a small but dedicated airhead community in Spokane--and I am accustomed to running two tech days per year so you'll have some human and tool resources.

If you like engine work, I will also be building a high performance airhead engine over the next few years just for grins. I have three+ /5 engines to cannibalize.

I look forward to seeing your new /7. You made a good deal.
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