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Tulum and on

I spent about 10 days in Tulum while waiting for my father to arrive in Cancun. I thought about heading out on a bike trip and tried to book a trip to Cuba but that didn't work out. Basically I laid around in the sun and drank a lot with some friends I made.
I stayed at a great little hostel that had just opened and met the proprietors, Lea and Camilo.

Camilo was a very good flamenco guitarist and I saw a few shows he played out at the expensive resorts on the beach.
I also met their expat buddy Roy who played keyboards with them occasionally and managed this place out on the beach.

This is the center court of the hostel where I spent part of each day lunging. Roy on the right, Lea in the middle, and my good friend Isan from MX City who is a great photographer. I spent a good deal of time bumming around with him.

We rode back up the road to the abandoned resort I mentioned earlier and gave it a good exploration. Lots of cool places there but I'll try to limit the pictures.

A map of what it looked like originally

People had been through and stripped out all the copper wire but left the plastic.

From Tulum it's a couple hour ride up to Cancun where I met my father. He had a time-share he was using there. It was a bit more luxury than I was used to.
Looking out from our room.

We sat through an entire day of the hard sell of them trying to get you to buy a time-share there. It sucked but we got free tickets to a good equestrian show and a free rental car for 3 days so I guess it was worth it.
It turns out that in Cancun, where the water is supposedly good, is o the only place I got sick from it. So did my Dad. We still managed to head out to Chichen Itza though.

Chichen Itza is cool but it's full of tourists from tour buses and they don't let you climb on the pyramids any more.
We then headed on to Merida on the west coast of the Yucatan.
I really wasn't feeling well so didn't do much there at first. The next day we explored the city and saw some interesting art.

We drove up to the Dzibilchaltun ruins or the Temple Of The Seven Dolls, so named because of seven small effigies found at the site when the temple was discovered under the ruins of a later temple pyramid by archaeologists in the 1950s. On the Spring equinox, the sun rises so that it shines directly through one window of the temple and out the other. This is a similar event to the descending snake of Chichen Itza designed to show the power of the gods. The temple is connected to the rest of the site by a sacbe, or "white road," so-called because they were originally coated with white limestone, built over stone-and-rubble fill.
The Temple.

Looking due West from the temple.

From there it was a day drive back to Cancun to our hotel

I can say that the hotel district of Cancun was the only place I saw unhappy or rude Mexicans. I'm sure this was because Cancun was like a low brow version of Florida during Spring Break. It reminded my of Las Vegas in in its tackiness and desire to remove tourists from their money. And Montezuma was still having his revenge on me.
So with a final wave to my father I left Cancun.

Thanks for bringing me a new riding jersey and glove to replace the ones I trashed in Baja.

I headed back for a brief few days in Tulum.
Here's a quick and very poorly recorded vid of Camilo, Roy, and Tanya rehearsing

There was one final crazy party night to send me off (oh and somewhere in all that time we celebrated Carnival. It's pretty vague expect running around with an Italian girl and people in Mayan costumes).

I really hate big glasses.

At my friends suggestion I headed south to Bakalar Lagoon for a night. It was quite pretty and I found a great place to camp right on the lagoon.

I met some other travelers who gave me a beer and we swapped stories. You can see him just to the left of my biek carrying beer to us on the right.

I went out to dinner and found a pretty cool fort in town which they let me wander around for free because it was almost sunset.

When I got back this little guy, one of about 10 puppies, had crawled up into the vestibule of my tent. He'd been around all night and really took a liking to me.

If I'd known then that it wasn't that hard to get a dog through customs down there I'd have bought him and taken him with me.

From ther eit was just a short, damp ride to the Belize border.

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