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Day 3 – January 14, 2013

We woke up, made some breakfast and we all got on the road about 9am. We left Yuma and headed toward the Algodones border crossing.

Leaving Yuma.

We had a pretty easy ride planned down to San Felipe for the night, about 191 miles. It was a cold 40ish degree morning and windy.
We were bundled up and stayed warm. The wind was rather scary for Jacque so we went at a slower pace.

Algodones Border crossing.

At the border we stopped to get our tourist Visa’s, get the passports stamped and exchange some money.
This is never a fast process, nothing in Mexico ever is, lol, but with 5 of us it took about an hour.

Immigration Office.

View from the Immigration Office in Algodones.

Immigration Office.

Local Rx prices, if your curious.

We were happy it started to warm up while we were there. Getting out of the tourist area was no problem. I actually had a GPS (Garmin Zumo 665)
this time and it helped that we had been there before.

Heading South out of Algodones.

We headed down local hwy 2 south. As soon as we hit the open farm areas the wind
was gusting on us again. We tried to keep the speeds down knowing the wind was an
issue for Jacque. The wind got annoying as we turned onto Mexico 2 and had cross winds
constantly. My neck was tired of fighting the wind and I was anxiously looking forward
to turning South onto Mexico 5 so we would have the wind at our backs.

Shortly after we turned onto Mexico 5 we stopped to grab lunch at our favorite spot.

Holy crap their food is good! I might screw up the name but something like Yocojihua.
I highly recommend it! The old man said if we bring pictures of our trip he wanted to
put them up on the wall. They are big into off road races, baja trucks and bikes.

Not sure if we could possibly take a more retarded photo?

We got back on the road, grabbed some fuel and headed south toward the flats.

It just keeps going.

Jacque having a good time.
With the wind to our backs we were able to pick up the pace. We went thru the
military check point pretty quick. The rest of the group was initially a bit nervous
about this but quickly realized it was fast and easy. We arrived in San Felipe and
rode straight to Kiki’s Hotel ( We have stayed here before and
really liked it. The room was $50usd or $600pesos.
It was funny, as soon as we pull in we see Coco’s truck and Coco sitting outside.
We went over to say Hi and to see why he was up here? Turns out he was waiting
for his friend to pick him up and take him to Mexicalli for eye surgery. He had a
new ATV with some custom welded footwells for his amputated legs. He pulls
around a little trailer behind the ATV with his wheelchair. Even he was complaining
about the cold saying he was up on the hwy riding his ATV and turned back around
because he was riding into the wind. He told us to give his worker a message when
we pass through tomorrow, that he was going up to his appointment on the 17th.
I guess with Patty’s small Spanish vocabulary we will try? LOL

As we walked around and out to the beach we stopped and chatted to some of the
winter RVer’s for a bit. One of them had a bulldog that felt like he was made of lead!
Idk how he moved, lol. They told us all the shrimp boats had recently come in close
to shore to anchor down. They said they only do that when bad weather is coming……

We got back on the bikes and headed toward the Malecon.

We stopped at Fat Boy’s for a tasty pizza dinner.

We walked around the dark street for a bit so the group could do a little sight seeing.

As we headed back to Kiki’s I took them for a little detour ride down the Malecon.
Patty and Jacque (probably most of us) were a bit chilly. Jacque decided to ask Kiki
about any heat for the room, of course we already know no hotels have heat in Baja
but next thing we know Kiki is in a storage room pulling out 2 space heaters!
We were pretty excited to have a space heater for the room. Patty and I were kicking
ourselves because the last time we stayed here we had to jump in bed to stay warm.
I guess we should have asked, lol. Good job Jacque!

We all retired to our rooms for the night and planned to get an earlyish start tomorrow
because we have 207 miles to go to Bahia De Los Angeles plus Jacque would most
likely have to take it slow on the dirt road section.

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