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I'd been talking to an ADV Rider RodRut. He lived down in Placencia which is known as the Caye you can drive to. I'd had the panier lid I needed sent on to him so headed down that way. He thought he might ride up and meet me but that didn't work out so after stopping in Belize's new Capital, Belmopan, I headed on his way on the Hummingbird Hwy. Now things were getting interesting. Hills and curves for the first time in weeks.

A typical little bridge.

I made it to the Barefoot Bar, gave Rod a call and had a drink while I waited for him to arrive.

Now all that Rod had said to me was "I am building an international airport, and a few other projects here in Placencia." I figured he was an engineer down here enjoying the sunshine for a while. Turns out he's the owner of the airport and the nearby resort hotel.
So he put me up in his McMansion and took me over to the resort and just said "This is Jack, he's on my account." So then it was roughing it for a bit.
At the pool

On the beach

My post from my first morning there, "I feel like a Colonialist sexist pig-dog. I wake up this morning and there are little brown women running around waiting on me. Coffee, breakfast, and somebody washed my motorcycle for me last night. I feel guilty but good at the same time. :)"

I liked all the different variations of these signs I came across.

Parts of Placencia were nice, traditional areas.

And parts weren't

Hey here's Rod in the foreground. He has a pretty nice life down here.

Remember I mentioned speed bumps. Yeah. Here's more
Let me take a minute to talk about speed bumps, or Topes as they're called in Mexico. They're obsessed with them. Every little town and burgh has as many as they can. I think it's a status symbol. If the town down the road has three, we gotta get four kind of thing. They come in all shapes and sizes but are normally about 8 in high and 2 ft wide. Those are the Topes. The Velocidades are like our normal American speed bumps. They also use plastic turtles which are a pain on the bike since you don't quite fit between two.

These can come up quite suddenly when hidden in a shadow or unpainted and are quite, um, exhilarating. They really slow down your ride and screw up your rhythm. The only good thing about them is they make excellent places to pass trucks, buses, and slow cars. And at least on the bike you can stand up and pound over them.

I thought maybe I'd got away from them in Belize. There weren't any up north. However on the 11 miles of road between where I'm staying at Rods and Placencia there are exactly 30 of them. 30 of the fuckers. Somebody must be getting kick-backs. It's a tedious drive each day.

I'll finish with a story of a night at the Barefoot Bar. I headed down there on my own and had some drinks. It was a fun night and I got to talking to a couple of people at the table next to me. It was a group of about 8 women and a couple guys and was one of the womens birthday. I bought her a Chocolate Cake shot which they had never heard of. I then decided to talk to every single person at the table. They were all down from Belize City celebrating the birthday. They were all very friendly except for one of their fathers. it turned out one of the girls, Bea, had gone to college in Washington state, just a 6 hour drive from Seattle. We had a long conversation and all wandered off to more partying that night.

From my Facebook (FB) post the next day, "Well, now I understand why most of my girlfriends and lovers didn't have many female friends. They make lousy Wingmen. A guy will encourage you in going home with someone. A girl will complicate or negate it.
OK, I have to be honest. This statement pretty much doesn't apply to my female friends. You are, mostly, above that. A couple of you (Hi Sue) are the best wingmen (wingwomen?) in the world."
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