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When using the Spot I did it all as per the book. Had a couple phone calls with them over the last two days. First woman was fairly rude and condensending. Could picture her chewing gum and doing her nails. Requested someone that wanted to help customers. Next woman was pleasent enough and we went through the whole start up and send procedure, messages did not work. Next day a couple did work like normal up here.
Next day call from Spot she said their techs checked and the tracking worked down south but they said I didn`t send any ok messages. I reminded her that was the problem, the half dozen contacts and I received no messages at all. She responded with device was fine even though with her ``supervision``the messages did not work. Asked if she thought I was just a crank call making it up. Asked if I was the only one to ever phone with this problem. When she started talking in circles I cancelled my spot contract renewal.
So, disappointed with the whole thing. Had a few good years with the Spot but can`t trust it now. Maybe if they had proper customer service or an actual door you could walk through to talk to someone I wouldn`t be using lithium AAAs in my tv remote right now.
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