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I hate writing out what my back ground is. Maybe we all should start putting what experience we have in our signatures, just as a heads up. I have done all that you have talked about. That's why I mentioned having the carbs off multiple times. Just to double and triple check myself. The only other part I can think of is the actual ignition pick-up not picking up as the revs rise. But one would think that would be affecting at all RPMs.

Starving for fuel was the first thought through my head, and will probably triple check all that again.

I was hoping there was something obscure with these bikes that I was missing.

Stock main jets shouldn't produce what I'm going through. If so, then all these bikes when new would have gone through the same thing. They didn't, and that's why I rule that out.
Have you checked the ignition pick up is in the right resistance range? I'd give that a go first as easier to rule out rather than opening up the carbs again. I've had issues with pick-ups before and it tends to bog down in the upper rev range as the resistance builds and it steadily gets worse moving down the rev range over time...if it's not that and I think you said you'd swapped out cdi and coil then at least you know it's more likely to be fuelling issues, good luck
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