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^ the guy who took my money. Rushed through the instructions and wired the bike up wrong. Made me order unnessary parts. Got frustrated. Called me to say come pick it up cause "I'm done with it". Go to pick it up and it's just sitting in his front yard, keys in it, him no where to be scene. Commendable guy. Troll.
Oh the victim yet again. Forever crying victim.

The guy who got paid basically $400 to install the subframe, fix the seat mounting holes on the subframe, put the airbox eliminator kit and pod filters on, install the rearsets, install the exhaust, wrap the exhaust, put on and wire your crappy new charging system and digital ignition, mount and balance your tires, put new fork seals in your forks, change the oil in them, install new springs in them, put the clubman bars on, wire and mount a tail light, wire and mount rear turn signals, modify and install your tag bracket, clean your carbs, new spark plugs, and then try and diagnose for hours. You can fuck off lol.

I had a picture you posted on Facebook and caption texted to me, so I knew you'd have something new posted on here. Funny how the majority of this thread also said ignition coils. Also funny how you claim the jumper for them wasn't hooked up right. Even funnier all the people in here saying you're in over your head trying to fix it. And funniest yet how the lack of airflow combined with that great companies ignition and stator, who is great enough to not offer any wiring instructions for your year bike and unable to help when I call them, are the problem and you still blame me for "wiring the bike up wrong". Cute. See you this weekend at Bloodrag.
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