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Day 8 - Dec 28 - 300 kms - Nagercoil to Kochi

I'm kinda getting bored of writing up this report but will persist and finish it. Just a few more days to go on the RR.

December 28th dawned nice and overcast. In fact, it started raining at around 6 in the morning. My dad was already anxious that I was riding around Kerala and would be reaching Bangalore only in 2 days. He still wanted me to ride off straight to Bangalore - a ride that I have done before and around 700 kms.

And the rain wasn't helping me either. My mind was playing games with me and making me really unsure. Slick roads, lousy drivers in Kerala - especially the bus drivers. And there weren't any big highways either. The 80 km ride to Trivandrum was one of the most traffucked roads around.

Good that a friend of mine had suggested that I ride till Kovalam beach, take a right and then ride on to Kottayam - a nice state highway.

Around 5 kms away from my home, it started raining. I quickly pulled on the rain cover for my tankbag and carried on. Thankfully it stopped after a while and I was becoming more confident of the ride. Nearning Kovalam, I called up my friend so that I could meet up with him. His wife picked up the call and he never did turn up at the point - later the bugger told me that he was really late and his mornings are really bad. Well....good chance to meet an old friend.

I asked some cops for directions and stopped off at Kovalam beach for a quick pic. The number of pictures that I took on this return ride were very few so pardon me.

P1010130 by Naveen Roy, on Flickr

Had a quick breakfast and carried on towards the road to Kottayam. Very nice, 2-laned road with no median in the middle though. Less traffic and I made good time. Or so I thought.

Roads deteriorated after that and traffic was pathetic. I reached some place past Kottayam and had a relaxed lunch. Reached Kochi beach around 3 in the afternoon! Pathetic.

I scouted around for a room and got some really awful rooms for a high price. Blame it on the foreigners who come and splurge their money here. And at one hotel, I was even treated like some third rate citizen cause they thought I could not afford their rooms. Bastards!

Anyways, made a run to Ernakulam and landed a nice room for less. My friend Jijo called me in the meantime and said he is in Ernakulam also. But sadly, I could not meet him either - we both had network issues with our phones and couldn't call each other. But I didn't mind as I was dead tired. Dead tired.

Quickly had a shower, and a good long rest. Had a couple of beers after that and some awesome beef curry with Parottas - my favourite! Good sleep and was off to bed to continue on my ride the next day.
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