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This week report comes from Brighton,Fl on the Seminole Indian Reservation. The hosting club is Treasure Coast Trail Riders with the Sat course being 7 miles and Sunday 12. Great club who designs a great course.

Haley was optimistic concerning her knee being healed as running at the gym hadn't been causing any issues (3 weeks since severely spraining it). The reality was you put on a heavy boot and hang it off the pegs with the dirt grabbing it and maybe it needs a little more time. She did one lap and pulled off upset but I told her you just can't rush these things. We're grateful she didn't need surgery but it will still take a while yet to be 100%. Maybe the fun run at the next race will be a good test.

SSB is a great class. We've had 6 different winners over 8 races so on any given Sunday anyone can win. This is a story about when I had the chance to make it my turn!
10 of us on the line plus some fast young ladies on the Womens A line that starts along with us. Old faithful starts in one kick as I shoot and look over to my left to see Don Chris(#24) rocketing out to lead through the big first sweeper. Casey Campbell (Womens A #328) shoots by me like I'm in the wrong gear and roosts me with her 450 and I start to think "maybe I should have put more than one tear-off on!". I duck my head through the next few corners as being anywhere near her is like getting pegged with a shotgun. Don leads us both into the woods.

Casey soon gets by Don so I'm on him. I hear what sounds like a set of "Killer B's" behind and am soon beset upon by Brinsley Dyess (#95) and Becca Sheets (#551) who are on the gas and chasing down Don. I can hear them wringing their throttles behind him and soon round the corner to see he has just slowed to let these 2 pass on either side of him and resume their own adrenaline filled! I can keep Don in sight for most of the lap but only because I'm getting drug along. I can't run his pace for a whole race so have to slow down and Dave Wildner(#46) gets by around some slower riders. I'm okay with that as he's fast but usually drama isn't far behind (love ya Dave!) as I end the first lap in 3rd.

100 yds into the 2nd lap and things get interesting. There is a canal running the length of the front end of the property. We were suppose to ride over a earthen bridge then hang a left to out to the rest of the course. Dave and I come up to a bike/rider laying at the beginning of the bridge and a course worker motioning to slow down. Just as we pass over the water I look to left to see a rider and his bike in the canal! It was up to his goggles and I could just make out the number plate through the murky water....#24...the leader!

Well it looks like I'm now in 2nd (Don later said he was just trying to catch another slower rider and lost control) so I set-off on lap 2 trying to keep up with Dave. 2 miles in dave starts to slow and i pass by wondering what's wrong (I asked and he said he was okay). Seems he had pushed his luck with a disintegrating rear wheel and it was now no longer wanting to stay round (broken/bad spokes) so now I had the lead@!

I've been in this position before but never on the 2nd lap..ha! I came up upon my good friend and Senior B competitor Ryan Turner(#34B) He's getting used to a new bike and I needed him to pull me through the tight stuff(he's faster) and I'd lead in the fast stuff(I'm faster). We did this dance the whole 2nd lap because at one point I hollered 'I'm in first!" hoping he's go a little faster and realize what I was doing by staying behind...he got it. I'm in first to end the 2nd lap.

The 3rd lap starts the same at about 2 miles in we did a big "U" shaped run through this field. Ryan looks over as we're coming back towards the woods and points across the field. I look but can't see any white plates (my class) but I assume he's letting me know someones coming. I decide I still like our pace so I just stay behind him for the next mile. Another big looping curve he looks back and really motions as I now see Frank Gamperl (#325) is coming hard. Frank is fast, Frank won the last race, Frank wants to win this race too so with a thumbs up I ease past Ryan (my booster rocket..thanks again bud!) and tell my self I have to! I realize this isn't the time to play it safe..I have to leave it all on this 3rd lap. I rode my fastest lap of the day and tried not to listen behind me. I didn't look back once or look at any part of the track as somewhere I could relax. Eventually I recognize we're coming up on the big field at the end..don't look back..concentrate. The bike is pinned in 5th as the scoring chicane comes into sight and I start to realize what seemed like an impossibility at the start of the year was now a reality...first place!! I let out a big 'Whooooooooo" as I crossed through the scoring chicane basking in a feeling that only one thing in life can duplicate..winning.

5th gear tapped out coming in for the win! Notice the shock wave behind me...ha.

Super Senior B
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time
1 117 Troy Stainbrook
Odessa, FL 50 10 3 1:45:52
2 325 Frank Gamperl
Deerfield Beach, FL 47 5 3 1:46:25
3 15 Marcelo Dadone
Aventura, FL 45 4 3 1:48:42
4 8 Levic Allen
Valrico, FL 43 3 3 1:49:03
5 60 Lou Tunno
Boca Raton, FL 41 2 3 1:51:43
6 392 Jack Hatfield
Trinity, FL 40 0 3 1:54:37
7 17 Todd Strausbaugh
Ft Myers, FL 39 0 3 1:55:52
8 35 Daniel Holder
Apopka, FL 38 0 3 1:58:15
9 24 Don Chriss
Orlando, FL 12 0 1 0:34:48
10 46 David Wildner
New Port Richey, FL 12 0 1 0:35:07
2009 250xc
Super Senior-B #117B
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