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Never hurts to double check the electrical side. Usually though it seems electrical maladies aren't so predictable and repeatable. I had an intermittent issue with a stator that had me convinced it was carburetor problems.

I had been battling previous owner neglect and finding white crusties from dried fuel occasionally collecting in the the fuel bowl and getting sucked into a main jet on high flow. Luckily I have XR carbs and could just unscrew the nut off the bottom of the float bowl and dump it out. I cleaned and flushed the tank but still seemed to act up now and again, curiously after a wheelie more often than not, I figured I was stirring up muck in the tank. I would set the front end back down and notice reduced power, very much like one carb's main jet choking on a hairball. It would run but just at half power. Sometimes it would pass on it's own, but more likely I would stop at first opportunity and pull the right main jet cover and dump it out noticing that I really didn't see much for chunks there, but it always worked. I figured I would eventually get all the crap worked though bit by bit. I was curious why always the right side cured it and never had to pull the left.

One day sitting at a stoplight after having been far out of town, the engine shut off like someone had turned off the key. Fortunately I was only about a block from the shop so I could push it from there. I found the stator had failed so I ordered up a Ricky and put it in, a modification I was planning anyway if it gave me any lip. The bike fired right up first kick after the new stator and I also noticed easier starting in general from that point on, so it was apparently weak and I didn't know it. From that day forward my mysterious carburetor drop out problem completely disappeared too. I still wonder to this day how it was triggered by a wheelstand or heavy load, and how pulling the main jet cover and dumping it seemed to revive it. I can only imagine the load broke it down, and the ritual of pulling the cover allowed enough cooling time to recover.

My Ricky stator has failed once too since then, but it died on the charge coil side of it that time and didn't make me walk, or cause any running problems. It had lasted a long time, so I bought another Ricky without hesitation and put it in. I figured it had gone 20,000 miles which was farther than the original so it was the obvious choice. Also after contacting Ricky they offered to repair or replace it free of charge. I still need to send it in to them and have a spare on the shelf just in case.
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