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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
OK, moving right along... We've established that we can have no more than 50 (or 51) Shaping points (a Via Point dropped in BC using the Insert tool) in a route we create in BaseCamp then send to the Montana that we intend to autoroute with. Set the Shaping points just AFTER critical intersections rather than ON the intersection (see below).

Next, how can we best use this route? One idea I hear a lot is to create the Route in BC using a non-Direct profile (e.g. Motorcycling) so it will auto-route, then adjust things until you like it. When done save it as a Track also. THEN change the Route to be Direct before you send both the Route and the Track to the Montana. Then on the Montana set the routing activity to be anything other than Direct (e.g. Motorcycle).

Then you have both a Route and Track to follow. The Track will always be correct and the Route is handy for things like Distance (or Time) to Destination. For me on an off-road trip where I don't want it to reroute if I take a slight detour I would also set: Setup->Routing->Off Route Recalculation to Off.

The best description of this I found is from DRTBYK at post 5746:

Those of you that have tried this, I assume both the Route and the Track are visible at the same time? Probably in different colors? But since you are navigating on the Route it will be big fat PINK line and most of the time overlap the Track I guess. Is this partial overlapping easy to see what is going on this way or do you have a suggestion?

Any other ideas or tips?
The simplest method for me is if I have to use more then 50 via points I create multiple routes.

What really sucks is I'm lazy and I usually just use the routes that my buddies create. Of course they have 276's which don't have the ridiculous 50 point max so their routes usually contain more.

As for displaying both route and track, it doesn't matter if you can't see the track under the route. When you do see the track then you know somethings up since the route and track are no longer following the same line.
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