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dooder... if 'yer gonna learn to ride in dirt, you gotta learn to stand up!.... i ain't no pro, but here in fla. there's nothing but soft sand, and the first time i did it, cause' i wasn't/didn't know how to stand, it was pretty much impossible.... if 'yer runnin' along at a good pace on one of those dirt roads, and it turns to soft sand, and you don't stand up, it's not gonna be pretty....... no two ways about it.... it ain't really hard, try it in a parking lot or field real slow, it'll teach you alot... i'm sure you stand on your mtn. bike....

and if you're gonna go outta your comfort zone, you really oughta find a buddy that's like you or a little better..... gettin' busted up is always a problem if you're alone....

i ain't trying to scare you, i'm a FNG too.... just went to a shane watts class a couple of weeks ago, and got my arse kicked totally.... but that's how you learn.... watch this, it's long, and pretty f'n crazy, but check out the slow speed drills he does, it's really the best stuff to do to learn balance, which is what it's all about..... the hard enduro stuff is pretty crazy....
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