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How to properly bed-in new brake pads

Howdy ya'll,

I know there are numerous threads on grabby brakes, brake component preferences and brake pad and disc maintenance, but one important discussion that I can't find (and please redirect me to a thread if you know of one) on how to properly bed in new pads on existing rotors?

Here is the scenario: I've read the 'grabbing/juddering front brake threads and have properly sanded and cleaned the disc, which has plenty of thickness remaining. I have new OEM Brembo pads for my 2005 R1200GS and have removed the old pads and cleaned the caliper and piston area well with brake cleaner. A lot of folks often complain and ask how to solve their grabby brakes issue and there are several threads about not holding hot brake pads during stops, etc. What appears to be very important in preventing irregular front wheel braking and much is said about the necessity of proper brake pad bedding in, but like other issues, there are many differing and countering opinions on this (i.e., 8-10 low speed repeated slow-ups without complete braking from 30-40 mph to doing the same from 60 mph, or two different periods of low, then high speed slow-downs with cooling in between). I'm personallly tired of a never-ending juddery brake issue and have to think that the bedding-in must be of great importance in preventing this.

So, I'm wondering what this vast pool of experienced GSers have for advice as to how to properly bed new pads in to avoid the all-too-common grabbing that many experience, especially with the servo-asssited generation of 12GS's?

Again, If this is already established and published here, pleases redirect. Thanks in advance, and if the response is worth it, I would suggust possibly adding this to the "100 things every ..." list or to the Hall of Wisdom.

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