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Well the truth is that I only run from the cops in my dreams... I would never do it in real life. And I'm not too worried about when my GPS turns off either. It's my LED brake/running lights and front LED visibility lights that bother me most. I've got my fuse block getting its trigger from the GPS feed and that causes power to remain on for about 30 seconds after turning off the ignition. And my LED lights are BRIGHT! I will probably change the feed to something else on my K1300GT (even after almost 3 years with it the way it is) but certainly will use something else as the trigger on my new F800GS.


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I see your point MtlBiker. Running from the cops takes more than being able to turn your GPS off but I do find it slightly annoying that I have to wait 30s to tell the GPS to stay on (those times when I want it to). For me that still wasn't worth drilling my headlight cover but that's a personal choice. Gambeaux, MtlBiker already answered your question. No power draw worth speaking of on the trigger wire - a few 10s of mW maybe.
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