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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
I really enjoyed your report and photos since I can't be there at the moment its the next best thing,Thank You!
Now don't take this the wrong way but no matter what our station in life is here in Canada and The States if you can afford to fly and rent a bike in peru you are rich ..... compared to them. You need a little more spanish and you will mostly avoid the rip offs.
Hiya Cal

I'm not arguing that compared to them I am rich... I'm well aware that my ability to spend their annual income on a two week trip puts me in that category. Rather, it is the differential pricing that bugs me. Here, whether you pull up in a Rolls Royce or a beater truck, things typically cost the same. I find this sort of treatment to be unethical. I also got to hear a bunch of apologist stories about bad foreign corporations and the corrupt government in Lima exploiting them, but again this does not excuse unethical behavior in my eyes.

Now, I had a lot of very pleasant, enjoyable interactions with many honest Peruvians -- the cheats were decidedly in the minority. They just stand out more in my mind. The woman in the comida section of the mercado de abastos in Aguas Calientes did a lot to improve my perception of that town, and the folks in the market in Chivay were great. And yes, better Spanish would definitely have helped to express my sentiments, instead of letting them fester. Also, Hewby has thicker skin in this respect than I do, and at times I was annoyed that this did not bother her.

Now, when's the next trip to Latin America -- that's the question. I'm thinking Mexico and Guatemala...

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