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Day 4 Continued
We eventually got the bike to cooperate and rode over to the Malecon to grab some breakfast at Rosita’s.

While waiting for breakfast, Patty runs out to grab a few photos.

Do you see the guys living in the tent?

A sunny but chilly morning.

Panorama of San Felipe.

Dave's Huevos Rancheros.

Building across the street, getting reading to leave.
The wind was kicking again 20-30mph with gusts over 40. Luckily it was NNW so it should be at our backs as we head south today.

As we head out Patty asks me on the Sena, “so do you have us mapped out of here or do I need to navigate?” me:“no woman, I have the route loaded in the GPS”. After we grab gas at the round-a-bout, I dutifully follow Zumo’s directions. Within a block Patty says: ‘we are going the wrong way and need to turn around” Me:”no we’re not. We are headed back up to the hwy”(although I don’t remember going this way last year). Patty: “can you pull over so I can show you on google maps where we are. We need to turn around and then go south” . So I pull off (with the whole group pulling off behind me). Indeed she shows me that we are going the wrong way. I don’t have time to screw with the GPS to see what I did wrong so I tell her to just navigate with her Blackberry. She tells me to go up the road a bit and make a U-turn. All I hear is “U-turn” so I immediately flip around only to find myself facing an on-coming car head on! WTF? Quickly I dart to the right down a 3 foot, concrete, almost vertical hwy island divider. No problems. I’m getting an earful from Patty hoping the rest of the group didn’t try to follow me on the stunt ride. For some damn reason I was thinking I was on another two lane road (like everywhere else) but this was 4 lanes with 2 each direction, hence the problem making the U-turn, lol. Luckily the other don’t blindly follow me and they rode down and found a good spot to turn around. Patty navigates me to our correct route as I mess with the GPS.
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