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Normal braking is just fine. You will only run into issues if there is contamination (grease or oil on pad surface) or you overheat them. just take it easy for 100 miles or so.

I talked with a Wagner brake rep recently. There were some vehicles (cars and light trucks) that had excessive brake squeal problems even when new pads and rotors were installed properly. He went through all the issues with rotor density and harmonics related to pad material. He told me the engineers suggested a 30/30/30 approach. 30 stops from 30 mph with 30 seconds in-between stops. This gives the right bed-in without overheating the pads.
As you can imagine, this approach is not very practical. A shop that does say, 20 brake jobs a week would spend an additional 5 to 10 hours driving cars.

Instead, we switched brands of pads on the trouble models. Problem solved.

Edit: as Rey said, clean & smooth rotors are all that is necessary when dealing with MC stainless surfaces. Cast iron auto rotors must be resurfaced with every pad change.
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