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Day 4 Continues

We follow the nice coastline as we leave San Felipe and decide to stop for a photo op. It is still very windy, NNW but not a big deal, just a bit annoying.

We take the time to inform everyone to hang back from us a bit and if they see our brake lights to use caution because there are some pretty abrupt G-outs before Puerticitos. We hit two of these last year, fully loaded, two up, at speed.
One of those moments where you are amazed the bike frame didn’t just bust in half!
It is cloudy and gloomy outside, not like the great weather we had last year. We hear the Pemex in Gonzaga Bay is open (just not on wed) but we decide to stop in Puerticitos for fuel, just in case. We roll up to find the Puerticitos Pemex is closed today, lol. Figures.

Leaving Puertocitos.

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