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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
From memory it is one turn of the spring = 1 mm.

I am like you I prefer to run it softer, for your high speed compression on the rear you are pretty safe to turn it out completely, that is the 17 mm nut, for your low speed compression damping take that out about 3 - 4 clicks at a time or you will not notice any diference, don't be afraid to play with it way outside of the stickers parameters as you can always bring it back.

Lesser rebound will certainly help on washboard but may be springy on the open road, to me than is a small price to pay to get our fillings in place as we are not going warp factor two anyway.

Make sure your adjustments for softness for low speed compression damping and rebound damping are similar or you may experience packing, this is caused by to firmer rebound not allowing the wheel to return quick enough.

Hope this helps, any queries fire away.
Can you clarify for me? The 17mm nut (photo below) doesn't actually get turned, does it? I thought the slotted screw in the middle of the nut was the only adjuster there. I don't know what "packing" is, but I suppose that's how I would describe what my rear shock feels like. I jump on it and it feels like it just goes down and flattens, rising back slowly. My XR650R used to spring back up again at an equal rate. I already have both adjusters (both slotted screws, the one on the reservoir pictured, and the one under the spring on the other side) turned out all the way now, and still lousy suspension. Shock was allegedly re-valved, but if the fluid is supposed to flow better, it doesn't seem to be.

PS - Enjoying your adventure blog!

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