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Day 4 Continues

Sure hope Gonzaga is open or I’m screwed on getting to hwy 1.
At the Pemex station we happen to notice Jacque’s face when we stop for a minute and she looks a bit freaked out. As we climb around the coastal hills/mountains the wind picks up speed around the canyons and gets pretty gusty. We knock down our speed to take it easy on her, although she hasn’t complained.

Just south of Puertocitios.

Views heading south.

Further down the road, after fighting the wind we stop at a paved scenic overlook for some photos and to see how Jacque (and everyone else) is doing.

Everyone is pretty good but Jacque is visibly freaked out and riding tense in the windy conditions. We try to assure her that we will probably hit the dirt road shorty and we will be going a lot slower so the wind shouldn’t be issue. At this point I don’t know if she would rather have the wind or the dirt road but I have to hand it to her for sticking in there.

We passed the section where the pavement ended last year and wonder how much more they have paved? We keep going and going! We can still see the old dirt road that typically parallels the hwy. We are sad to see all the new pavement and are wanting to just jump back onto the old dirt. We resist because this is easy travels for the rest of the group and know we need to make good time today. We eventually hit the construction barrels that signal the end of the asphalt and we detour onto the dirt. We tell Dave, on the DR to just go ahead and stay on the main road, while I check in with Dad and Jacque for a minute. We happily jump on the dirt and soon find ourselves riding between 5 bridge pylons that are being constructed. Cool to see but sad at the same time.

We motor on a little ways and catch up to a white pickup as we pull up to the Gozaga Bay military check point.

We notice that we don’t see DR Dave anywhere? We ask the guards and the people in the truck if they seen another motorcycle go by? NOPE. WTF? Where the hell did Dave go? We wait for John and Jacque to arrive and just a bit behind them we see Dave! Huh? Somehow he found another trail/road and at some point found himself on a hill and looked down below to see Jacque riding between the bridge pylons. He quickly realized he went the wrong way and found his way back down. I’m standing there scratching my head? Man, I have to keep an eye on these guys, lol.

Dave, John and Jacque rolling into the Gonzaga Check point.

Assorted skeletons at the check point.

We go down to the Pemex and happily find it is open. After some fuel we decide to just grab a drink and small snack at the little store instead of lunch at Alfonsia’s.
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