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Can you clarify for me? The 17mm nut (photo below) doesn't actually get turned, does it? I thought the slotted screw in the middle of the nut was the only adjuster there. I don't know what "packing" is, but I suppose that's how I would describe what my rear shock feels like. I jump on it and it feels like it just goes down and flattens, rising back slowly. My XR650R used to spring back up again at an equal rate. I already have both adjusters (both slotted screws, the one on the reservoir pictured, and the one under the spring on the other side) turned out all the way now, and still lousy suspension. Shock was allegedly re-valved, but if the fluid is supposed to flow better, it doesn't seem to be.

PS - Enjoying your adventure blog!

The 17mm nut you are referring to is the high speed compression adjuster. It helps on square edged pot holes, etc. where the middle adjuster is for the rolling bump or sand whoops. Some people like the high speed all the way out, some like it in the middle to one turn. I go 1 1/2 turns for no solid reason.
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