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Day 4 Continues
We get going again and find the road pretty much the same as last year. I keep my speeds down so I donít get too far ahead of the group.

Patty and I periodically stop and wait for the group to make sure everyone is good, and to make sure they donít go blazing down a new road. At one of our stops I notice nobody is coming.

Patty says she will just chill for a bit and take some nature photos while I ride back to check on the group. I find DR Dave so we both head further down to find John and Jacque. We find them stopped on road.

They had both low sided their bikes in a slightly sandy section. John hit pretty hard on his hip but was ok and Jacque landed soft and just stepped off. Both the bikes were ok but John decided to air down both their tires to improve traction. They were both running some Shinko 705 (80/20) tires and I found myself grateful for my Dunlop 908 & tkc80 combo. DR Dave was doing really good with his Shinko 700ís (60/40) tires. The lower air pressure did the trick and we were going again.

We ride ahead again so we have time to stop at Cocoís to deliver our message to his worker and pass a semi truck in route.

I bet that is one rough ride!

We pull Coco's and Patty eventually gets the message deliveredÖwe think?

We donít want to stay long because we are running behind with a long way to go. The group pulls in for a few minutes and we head out again.

The whole gang!

Me and My Dad.
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