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Eh? Well...

Hi Gary,

I just did this over the winter, and it seems to have worked out.

1 - Loosed fork caps (while on bike)
2 - remove forks
3 - Remove caps, pull out spring assmbly a few inches (It did not come out completely)
4 - empty oil out of each leg and compress/extend forks until comletely empty and sucking air (as indicated in prev. post)
5 - take recommend amount of oil (was it 450cc for each leg? can't remember) into a measuring cup, and pour into fork leg. Extend/compress a few times each while filling.
6 - Put caps back on
7 - put back on bike
8 - bleed air our with screw in top of cap.
9 - go for a ride.

I used the 5W recommended, and it all worked out great. Fork is as good as it was before.

I too was confounded by the process, but the somply way I did it seemed to work ok. If there is something wrong with how I did it..i sure would like to know...but it seems fine.
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