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Yep....Day 4 keeps going! We aren't even to the hwy yet.
Alot more dirt road ahead.

It looks so fluffy, lol.

Now this one looks like it would hurt. Make a great photo though.

Just waiting for the group.

Here they come.

I'm lovin' this! Great dirt road but wish I could speed along, lol.

As we make our way thru the hills to hwy 1, the sun is getting lower and the temps are dropping into the 40ís.

The wind is still blowing full tilt making it feel even colder.

Dave decides to go have some fun on the other road.

Dad looks comfortable.

DR Dave and the rest of the gang, all make it to Hwy 1

We all make it to the hwy and are anxious to make some good time.

Dave's Look

We quickly realize that with the gusty wind there is no way we can do higher speeds without leaving the group behind. Since Iím navigating I have to keep the group together.

Coming into the Bay of LA

We make it to Bahia De Los Angeles about dusk. Us and Dave stop at the Pemex to wait for John and Jacque to arrive.

Watching Dad and Jacque coming into town. We are chillin at the Pemex.

We tell Dave he can ride ahead to go find Costa Del Sol, since we have never been here before. We donít have reservations so we hope they have availability. J & J arrive shortly and follow us into town. We find Dave at the hotel and he has gotten all of us rooms. We are all pretty chilly after an 8hr cold windy day on the bikes.

We ate some great food at the little on-site restaurant then head to our rooms for a hot shower and bed.
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