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With head pounding I peak out of the tent to see beautiful pink/purple clouds on the horizon as the sun tries to peak over the edge of the world. I know it is going to be a beautiful day and I’m not going to waste a minute of it on the sidelines. Strap on the Nikes and hit the beach for a rough 3 miles to the far north end of town.

Back at camp I wash up and organize gear and then check some emails. Rinn spots a guy rolling through the campground and says “Hey, that’s Matt and he sells Empanadas if you’re hungry”. Shit I’m always hungry and haven’t had one yet so Matt busts out a cooler full of hot deep fried Empanadas from the Isuzu….one beef, one pollo, 30 pesos later I’m eating well.

Not much to do with little money so I sit and watch the kite surfers and try to spot some whales (only saw one).
Received an email from my mother with news that one of her friends is flying into Guatemala in 2 weeks. Perfect!! I call up Pingle and order a petcock and a vacuum operated fuel valve and have it sent to my folks. Jump on ebay and buy Alex two additional chain rollers (he has lowering links and apparently this causes the rollers to get eaten up much faster).

Feeling better about life already we jump on the bikes and Rinn takes to a lookout point just out of town where you can see a huge portion of coastline with the little town of Los Barriles just below you.

Then Sammi wanted a ride.....rolled down the hill in neutral with her.

Back at the campground we change and get ready for dinner. Heading down the road Rinn picks a taco stand and we place our orders. Dos Tacos Pescado y Una Taco Camaron on Maze Tortillas….Delicious. The restaurant is on the side of the road and our table is 25’ from the centerline in the street. Only our group of 4 and another table with 6 older gringos. Kathump!....everyone turns and stares as a car is moving way to quickly down the little street….bump bump….a dog comes shooting out from under the car directly in front of the restaurant. Immediately welping unable to use its rear legs laying in the center of the street as the car speeds onward. A woman and two men jump up from the table next to us and run to the dog trying to restrain and comfort it. A Hispanic street vendor just up the road comes running and screaming…..her dog is dying.

I have no doubt this is a common incident with the number of dogs running around but as an animal lover (especially dogs) I can’t help but feel a little sick to my stomach. About 5 minutes later the gringos determined that the dog had expired but the whaling in the street continued.

When the woman returned that ran out to help the dog her hand was covered in blood. She seemed very unconcerned and ask the waiter if she could wash it in the sink….thus I figured it was from the dog. Until it was rinsed and I saw them pouring hydrogen peroxide into a series of puncture wounds. OUCH!!

With an appetite that up and vanished we walked further up the road to open mic night. A number of talented gringos performing mostly cover songs the entertainment wasn’t bad but we were beat. Walked back to camp and passed out….didn’t even make it to Baja Midnight (9:00 PM).
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