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Time for a boat ride. Packed up and said Audios to all of our campmates. The first 20 miles to La Paz was great. Twisty mountain curves through small towns built on hillsides engulfed by tropical vegetation.

We took the Baja Ferry out of Pichilingue. After arriving a few hours early we got our TVIP’s from a very cute and helpful Hispanic woman that spoke great English…..this seemed like a very positive start. Then off to another booth where we secured our tickets for the ferry (from another attractive woman) but they were sold out of cabins….no big deal we’ll sleep on the deck tonight. Still very early we hit the Pichilingue Playa and had drinks at the cabana.

Time flew by and we found ourselves in line for the boat loading process…not exactly organized.

Waiting at the entrance to the boat we watched the load the semi-trucks. These guys were hauling ass doing this. This one particular truck was turning sharp but clearly wasn’t going to hit the ramp with both tires….the guy on the ramp continued to wave him on clearly unconcerned about any consequences. As you can see he came up short and knocked the massive chrome bumper off the truck….everyone just laughs and carries on as usual… wonder everything is beat to shit around here.

Another biker rolls up on a Honda African twin loaded up. I figure this guy has a tale to tell because these bikes are few and far between in the states. His name is Marnix and he is from Holland traveling around the world with his girlfriend Lisan (Lee-zon). Finally rolled the bikes onto the boat. Right between nice tie down points for motorcycles. Did they have tie downs….they claim not to have any but I suspect a case of laziness. Ropes were much closer at hand and that is what we were given. I’m sweating this after the first tie down gasoline incident but what can you do?

After tying down the bikes we head to the elevator for the lobby. It is small and my bags way too much and the damn thing won’t take me up. I’m sweating crazy and the boat is full of diesel exhaust fumes and I am not a happy camper. Head for the stairs….5 stories up near vertical carrying 80 lbs of gear plus my fat ass in full ride attire and MX boots on. Seriously thought I might black out before I got to the top.

Onto the deck I take a seat, catch my breath, and look around. Disgruntled truck drivers starring at the gringos. I am feeling rather uncomfortable and Alex is sweating this scene pretty good. Definitely not going to get much sleep tonight. Al races to the lobby and puts our names on a list for a cabin in case of a cancellation. 90 minutes later we disembark and learn that we scored a cabin…..Thank goodness, Sleep is possible!

Make it to the room. No dinner….grab a few beers. Boat starts rocking like a suburban at a drive in theater. I’m not too prone to sea sickness but up on the 6th floor this thing has me feeling shitty quickly. Luckily a little forethought was used and we picked up Dramamine in Los Barriles. That calmed things down.

Invited Marnix and Lisan over for a couple beers and talked traveling for the better part of an hour. They started in Holland, rode through Europe, Turkey, Iran, India, Malaysia, Laos, fill in the blank for a number of others until they shipped to LA, rode down Baja and met us in La Paz. Pretty incredible!!
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